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Slipper Wizard – 5 gallon

Item #: TBDSL

Slippery wizard is used as a “slide” type product that is used to put a layer of protection between the equipment and or trucks to make clean up easy.

Release agent designed for use on the beds of asphalt trucks. Prevents asphalt from sticking to bed so the entire asphalt load will slide easily from the truck. Will not adversely affect the asphalt mix or cause environmental concerns.

Slippery wizard 5 gallon $235.00

Slippery wizard 55 gallon $2650.00

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→ Formulation does not contain any petroleum solvents to adversely affect asphalt or the environment. Non-phosphate, biodegradable, free-rinsing.
No wasted time or product caused by “sticking”.

→ No wasted time or product caused by “sticking”.

→ Product is solvent-free and does not adversely affect asphalt and conforms to regulations pertaining to asphalt construction.

Pro-Tip: Use as a slip coating on floor, walls, and tailgate of asphalt trucks and equipment to prevent adhesion of asphalt. Especially useful for: Building Contractors Equipment Rental & Leasing Highway Paving Contractors

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 cm


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