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SUN Wipes Waterless hand cleaner towels

Item #: Sun-1093 6/CS

THESE ARE SUN CHEM’S #1 WATERLESS HAND WIPES. These pre-moistened dual-texture towels not only can be used to clean hands but also can be used on clothing, upholstery spot removing, and most all other surfaces. The unique canister fits where others will not and it is effective in limiting moisture loss. One canister contains 75 towels.

Especially useful for on-site construction areas, contractors in the field, and industrial job sites, particularly in remote areas that do not have access to water. Also can be used in Automotive shops • Marine Products • Building Contractors • Highway Paving Contractors • Oil & Natural Gas Wells • Printers • Lawn and Garden Services • Public Utilities

Heavy-duty, hand scrubbing towels containing special biodegradable citrus hand cleaner detergent that is non-irritating. Waterless, disposable towels are perfect for use anywhere, anytime. Sun Wipes do not leave a residue like most on the market.
• Portable and Convenient – Take them anywhere you go to clean hands, while on the go.
• Effective – Removes tough soils, such as tar and asphalt, oil, grease, paint and brake dust, without use of water. Leaves hands feeling refreshed
• Waterless Cleaning – An ideal product to clean hands when there is no access to soap and water – leaves no residue
• Disposable – Towel can be discarded after use
• Multi-purpose – Can also be used to wipe down tools, parts, machinery, pipes, equipment, clothing, and practically anything else that needs cleaning

Compare to Dymon wipes (72 wipes per tub), Zep’s Clean’ems (45 wipers per tub), Brody’s Hand cleaner Scrubs (72 wipers per tub).


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