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Item #: Q-5060

Orange Oil Tar and Asphalt Remover Contains No Chlorinated Solvents. Biodegradable.

Formulated to degrease Equipment, vehicles, molds, dies, and other industrial equipment. Effectively emulsifies tar and asphalt, and removes many industrial glues and protective coatings. Great cleaner for tools and equipment. Can also be used on unpainted concrete floors and for removing scuff and rubber tire marks. May damage some plastic and painted surfaces. Test on an inconspicuous area before general use. Particularly useful in Roofing industries, Asphalt companies, Commercial Printers, Industrial Machinery Manufacturers, Automotive Repair Shops, Fabricated Metal Products
Big Orange is a heavy-duty, non-petroleum cleaning/degreasing aerosol. It contains no caustics, acids, petroleum distillates or chlorinated aromatic solvents. Nor does it contain any fluorocarbon propellants to contribute to ozone layer depletion. Completely biodegradable and ecologically desirable, Sun Chem Big Orange aerosol contains 100% natural citrus solvent, and may be used to clean and degrease molds, dies, unpainted concrete floors, and industrial equipment. Big Orange is also available in liquid form.


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