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Sun Chem Black Off Tar & Asphalt Remover – 5 gallon

Item #: TBDBO

Clean Tar, Asphalt, Bitumen Asphalt off all types of equipment also including radiators. Clean Tar and asphalt off tools and work trucks Remove tar, asphalt & bitumen from curb stones and concrete. Cleans out grease traps & drain lines.

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Black off 5 gallon pail $225.00

Black off 55 gallon drum $2200.00

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BLACK-OFF has a similar molecular structure to bitumen, resulting in the rapid penetration of the bitumen down to the adhered surface. Spreading itself between the bitumen and the surface it effectively lifts the bitumen from the surface. Holding the particles in solution allows them to be removed to waste or can be separated, allowing the Bitumen to be recycled.

Being chemically similar allows the bitumen to dissolve in the TAR & ASPHALT. Once rinsed off it leaves behind a film that makes for easier subsequent cleaning. As a superior replacement for Kerosene/gasoline/diesel/citrus products. BLACK-OFF saves up to 75% of the cleaning time vs. current cleaning practices!


Best results have been achieved once dust and mud have been removed and the surface allowed to dry.

Apply BLACK-OFF with a hand-held pressure sprayer and allow to penetrate for 15 to 20 minutes. Etch any heavy build up. Rinse off with a high-pressure spray preferably using hot water. Heavily encrusted areas may need a second application to allow BLACK-OFF to penetrate fully.


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